The second issue of "Black Heart", the ground-breaking graphic novel series, is finally here! Pre-Order now to make sure you dont miss out, they go fast! Pre-Orders ship mid-December, or will be available for Pick-Up at the Chapter 2 Book Signing. 


Thomas Black, a desperado harboring a secret in his bloodstream, is mysteriously invited to compete in a world-renowned blood sport. He doesn’t ask questions. When you’re from The Bowl dreams don’t often come true, and he wasn’t wasting his chance pondering the how’s and why’s. For Thomas, competing in The League was more than a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; it was a way to provide for his fugitive lover. Despite the odds, Thomas quickly makes himself at home amid the cybernetic carnage for which the sport is famous. When his unexpected rise to fame lands him on the radar of Scarlett Frost, a deranged aristocrat known as Maneater, he’s forced to gamble the life of the woman he loves for the chance to live a dream.


Join Thomas on his savage journey as he struggles to balance his love and his ambition— the forces that matter most to him. Encounter a diverse cast of characters; each an exploration of issues such as classism, poverty, or revolution— all through the lens of a cyberpunk future.


A story of ambition and love, betrayal and war. Blackheart gives anime fans, hip hop enthusiasts and comic newcomers alike a grim look at humanity’s fate through the eyes of one tortured but resilient soul.


Continue the adventure in Chapter 2…

Black Heart Chapter 2: The Tell-Tale Heart

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